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Our digital outlets serve as the pulsating nerve centers of our cosmos. They seek to be the driving force for the tech-whizz kids, the innovators, the startups, true geeks, all the devs and coders, and the digital dreamers, carving out the future on the tech landscapes of today.

We're proud to be the creative force behind the leading Macedonian tech portal, IT.mk, and the freshly launched South East European tech community platform, ITlogs.com. Our platforms are home to riveting discussions, influential thought-leadership, deep insights and groundbreaking coverage in the technology sphere.

Dive into the matrix of IT.mk

Most popular Macedonian tech portal (Macedonian), est. 2007

Embark on a tech odyssey with ITlogs.com

Innovative South East European tech community platform (English), est. 2023

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Who We Are

We have a tech hivemind

At CTRL+ALT+DEL Media, community is the motherboard of our operations.
Join our digital consortium to dissect, debate and delve into the heart of tech matters with fellow enthusiasts and experts.


Need a digital media wingman? Look no further.
Our services stretch beyond publishing, we're your digital Swiss Army knife.

UX? Check.

Design? You bet.

Security, Digital Transformation, E-commerce? Triple check.

Pushing the reset button on digital convention!
Buckle up, the future is here and it's more exciting than ever.


CTRL+ALT+DEL is a command originally designed for the IBM PC by David Bradley, one of the original designers of the IBM Personal Computer. It is also known as the "three-finger salute" or "secure attention key".

In its original design, it was intended to be a way to reboot a PC without turning it off and on again manually. This was particularly helpful when programs froze or experienced other issues. In modern Windows operating systems, pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL opens a screen with several options. You can lock your computer, switch users, sign out, or open the task manager. The task manager provides an overview of currently running processes, performance metrics, and can be used to end tasks that are not responding.

In the context of the company name CTRL+ALT+DEL Media, it represents a metaphor for rebooting, refreshing, or bringing about a new perspective in the digital media landscape. It conveys a sense of innovation, adaptability, and a readiness to address and overcome challenges in the technology and digital media sectors.


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